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EHS-1 hardness testing automatic sorting system
Product model:EHS-1
Subordinate classification:Automatic sorting detection
Application area:

 EHS-1 hardness testing automatic sorting system

1、This system can be used to 

The hardness sorting of iron casting,ductile cast iron ,wear resistant cast iron and malleable cast iron,the hardness testing of every kind of iron casting’s normalizing,anneal,quench,temper,they all can be sorted automatically by this system. 

2、Hardness testing and sorting on every kind of steel’s normalizing anneal ,such as wheel gear

3、Plumbing fittings and hardness sorting

The principle

The hardness sorting is mainly based on the Electromagnetic induction impedance plane analysis technology,sorting probe is consist of primary coil and secondary coil with alternating current,when put workpiece into coil,according to the principle of electromagnetic induction sensing the vortex in the workpiece ,the magnetic field caused from eddy current makes some changes about sensing voltage of secondary induction coil,that means it causes changes of probe impedance。By analyzing on this change,it is natually to know the change of property about some workpiece,such as hardness,dimension,material ingredient and so on .

This system includes hardness sorting machine ,coil testing, mechanical transfer and automatic sorting .the instrument adopts the car line, installation of imported components,it has stable realiable property ,,high sensitivity ,instrument panel setting incentive power regulation. Sensitivity regulation, phase position regulation ,and impedance balanced regulation,qualified products and the number of unqualified products and so on.adopting fluorescent oscilloscope tube,there are two coils to test coil.one of them is standard coil ,used for placing qualified products,the other is testing coil used for testing the hardness of workpiece. Mechanical transmission parts are made up of non-magnetic conductive,avoiding other magnetic material from having effects on testing coils.the sorting parts adopts Pneumatic way to push baffle action.

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