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  • Portable FET-99ST vortex flaw detector

    Portable FET-99ST vortex flaw ...

  • FET-99T intelligent digital type eddy flaw detector

    FET-99T intelligent digital ty...

  • WT-82 eddy current flaw detector

    WT-82 eddy current flaw detect...

  • SWT-F eddy current nondestructive flaw detector

    SWT-F eddy current nondestruct...

  • SWT-604  full automatic vortex flaw detector

    SWT-604 full automatic vortex...

  • SWT-606 full automatic brake disc detector

    SWT-606 full automatic brake d...

  • SWT-636 flaw detection sorting machine

    SWT-636 flaw detection sorting...

  • ZGF-Ⅲ Intelligent non-destructive separator

    ZGF-Ⅲ Intelligent non-destruct...


One stop inspection equipment provider

Superior brand assurance,a strong team

Why choose us

◆We have superior brand assurance

◆ When customers consult products detection,we have professional employees to reply

◆ For products flaw detection requirements that raised by customers ,our professional engineers can depend on your needs and well designed a method to be suitable for your flaw detection

Multiple types flaw detectors

Why choose us

◆ Flaw detector has many types , fully equipped

◆ We researched and developed multiple flaw detectors ,automatic flaw detection system so as to adapt testing needs of many kinds of materials and accessories

◆ Satisfying your requirements of controlling products quality and testing speed

Providing many kinds of perfect solutions

Why choose us

◆ Tube、bar should adopt rotation solution

◆ Wire rod 、pole should adopt rotation solution

◆ Axle 、plate should adopt rotation 、differential complement solutions

◆ Gear 、flang 、fastener、casting parts、power metallurgy、pressure casting ,cold extrusion parts、composite parts and so on ,all products have relevant testing flow and method

Professional after sales service of flaw detection

Why choose us

◆ We have professional team of after sales service

◆ Providing one to one after sales service technical support

◆ Free to train

◆ Telephone tracking in 7 days

◆ Return visit within 30 days


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