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Sorting machine recommended
ZGF-Ⅲ Intelligent non-destructive separator
Product model:ZGF-III
Subordinate classification:Sorting machine recommended
Application area:

ZGF-Ⅲ intelligent nondestructive separator

ZGF-Ⅲ Intelligent non-destructive separator adopts large screen LCD digital and large size of display tube. Display interface include: bar graph, cursor figure, waveform graph, digital display. Users can choose different display interfaces according to different separation project, makes the quality condition of the workpiece to be tested clearly shown on the LCD screen, users will operate the instrument more intuitively and simply.

Due to hardness value of magnetic material、material type、depth of hardened layer 、process state of heat treatment、flaw of parts  (such as flaw、air hole、inclusion)  have different effects on magnetic field  and there are certain logic corresponding relations between them.When the magnetic field probe uniformly distributed in contacts of workpiece to be measured, probe can produce a changing magnetic field, the changing magnetic field quantity will produce an exciting current on the probe coil and transfer to the instrument by wire, after analyzed and processed by the circuit analysis instrument center,  the quality condition of workpiece to be measured can be displayed on the screen, after compared the measured workpiece with standard sample, which can realize the rapid identification and distinguish of material varieties, hardness and depth of hardening layer, heat treatment status and defects.

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