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Steel weld ultrasonic testing analysis--SUzhou flaw detector

In China,over the years,the ultrasonic training of austenite weld inspection is not good,the theory e­xpression is not complete,actual operation almost has no progress,no examination.According to regulation,the person who gets ultrasonic level 2 and level 3 have right to detect and write report on austenite weld ,but will their knowledge and experience make sure detecting quality ?If you meet austenite weld,do not detect without thinking!You must carefully research technology and standard,make equipment 、probe and satisfactory samples well equipped,do more experiments to achieve experience and then just do it.

Regarding to austenite weld ultrasonic detection experience,I gave some suggestions to reference:1、TRL probe quality。It needs to adopt  broadband probe produced by piezoelectric composite,to bandwidth,the wider the better,at least more than 80%. The good one can more than ,probe must be carefully tested one by one; 2、 the features of probe sound field.It has to pay attention to TRL probe sound field has big difference with normal probe sound field,if not know this,detecting operation will go wrong。And previous training almost didn’t talk about this.In last year JB/T4730.3 amendment conference,I proposed:

We need to add “must learn about probe sound field properties” into austenite weld ultrasonic detecting standard.3、technology main point,①when austenite weld uses TRL oblique p-wave probe to detect,it only uses primary wave not secondary wave.② if it can not scanning from two sides or four directions,surplus height of seam must be polished,probe scanning must cross weld.③when sawtooth scanning ,circular pitch should be smaller,namely scanning should be more intensive.④sensitivity and signal to noise ratio should make sure satisfy requirements.4、analog sample .Apart from contrast sample requirements of standard regulation, for important weld,to make sure quality,we should produce analog sample.

Analog sample must the same as workpiece material,welding technology ,its thickness,weld groove,height and width dimension are the same as workpiece .We should make natural flaw and artificial flaw in key part.

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ADD:Building 31, U science park, no.4168 dongshan avenue, linhu town, wuzhong district, suzhou city


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