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Thinking about special equipment has no special staff

Qualification training of Special equipment nondestructive testing operators is very important,from the past training ,theoretical training has better effect,practice training has certain difference,and can’t meet social requirements.For improving practice training ,we should add rich content to every professional practice training ,prepare relevant operation instruction of practice training,increase number of training teacher,improve their training level,reasonably arrange training content,make sure practice training time meets requirements,increase costs on equipment ,produce unified and normal flaw samples,by improving special equipment nondestructive testing operator practice training level,make our training institution more close to social requirements,make contribution to operating security of special equipment、protect country and  people’s lives and properties .

[conclusion] practice training of special equipment nondestructive testing operator is based on training content 、environmental condition、equipment、training instructor and a series of being satisfied sources,it is necessary to have these sources all.Only by effective practical operating training,can students control basic normative common nondestructive testing skills.Lay a foundation for their post to further improve their technical ability;simultaneously,strengthen their job competition ability.


The purpose of Special equipment nondestructive testing is apply advanced nondestructive testing technique to test and find raw material 、welding line、component as well as every flaw that maybe harmful for safe operation of special equipment.

Special equipment nondestructive testing operators have to accept regulation qualification training,let operators who attended this professional training can control this testing technique.Using nondestructive testing equipment to test and find harmful flaws.Eliminating hidden danger that affects safe operation of special equipment.Therefore ,the qualification training of special equipment nondestructive testing operator is very important ,training quality is vital.

Qualification  training condition of current special equipment nondestructive testing operator

Qualification training of Current special equipment nondestructive testing operator includes theoretical training and practice training,from the past training ,theoretical training has good effect,after years hardworking, teaching material and problem set of intermediate and senior nondestructive testing operators have reached system mated,the content is fully satisfy knowledge range and requirements of special equipment nondestructive testing operators need to control,in addition,trainer’s qualification、training time are considered perfectly.The existing difference is mainly lack of unified teaching material,this needs experts to consider .But practice training is affected by traditional exam-oriented education,training content is aim to satisfy the needs of getting certificate ,not completed,these mainly reflected by the content of practice training,arrangement of training time、trainer’s qualification and equipment outfit and so on have certain difference,the operators who have passed training and got certificate always can not meet on-site testing requirements on practical operating techniques.

Training content is not completed

Due to special equipment nondestructive testing operator practical assessment usually based on normal nondestructive testing project,and training content is corresponding to it,so training content is not perfect.The contents that do not included in examination item will not arranged in practice training.Such as :ray testing only studies X ray film technology,training content mainly aim at steel plate ,negative of nonferrous metal and negative of thick steel plate butt weld .  

The main content of Ultrasonic testing training is steel plate butt weld、cake forgings as well as steel plate ,but there are not other structures such as : bolt,T type weld line,middle or small diameter tube welds、austenitic stainless steel weld metal and so on ultrasonic testing techniques.The main contents of Powder testing training are yoke method、black particle、wet method testing steel weld,but lack of prod method、coil method、fluorescent method、dry powder method and so on magnetic powder testing technique。The main contents of Penetrant testing training is type solvent to remove penetrant testing ,stainless steel weld joint test,but lack of other testing methods such as fluorescent method,after the emulsion type and so on penetrant testing techniques.In addition,there is still lack of training of basic test method ,such as ray exposure curve 、performance index of ultrasonic flaw detector as well as test of probe main parameter、configuration of magnetic flaw detection ink and performance measurement、Low temperature contrast test for osmotic testing agent ,these contents are required in practical work.

2.  No enough Training instruments ,flaw samples are irregular

Due to correspond to training contents,all training institution will only prepare relevant training equipment and flaw sample according to practice appraisal project.Other testing methods and basic testing equipment are not considered.In addition,flaw sample are manufactured by training institution,the flaws are not regular、not typical,lack of unified standard,result in trainers has different training levels between training institutions.

3.The number of Trainers are not enough,less time arrangement

Due to limitation of training fee.Trainers are not enough,usually ≥30:1,in time arrangement,practice training time is much less than theoretical training time,the ratio between the both approximately 1:3, therefore it is impossible for each trainee to have enough time to learn,partly trainees don’t well control normative operating technique,the result is nondestructive operators who passed this training exam and achieved certificates can’t well control skills that the professional qualification should master when go back to organization.And need further practice and efforts when go back to organization,in addition,it still rely on people’s understanding,then make is used fully.

Therefore it is necessary to improve current training content、conditions and methods,and keep improving adaptability of nondestructive testing operators practical operating technique .

Improvement measure of special equipment nondestructive testing operator qualification practical training

1、Enrich contents of professional level practical training ,develop relevant practical training operation instruction

This should according to frequently meet testing object in special equipment practical test to extend corresponding training content and refer to relevant nondestructive testing standard to write operation instructions of different professions so as to standardize practical training contents and procedures,make trainees learned normative basic practical operating techniques.

2. Increasing number of trainers,and do necessary training,enhance their training level.

Due to limitation of training time and training fee,in the past ,the number of practical operating trainers is not enough, out of proportion with the number of trainees,when training ,the teachers have too many problems and are tired of dealing with ,it is hard to have real effects.Therefore,this should according to the number of trainees to equip trainers,the ratio can be set at 15~20∶1,thus can teach trainees more efficiently so as to get the best training effects.

In other hand,levels of practical operating training teachers are different,some of them with high level practice,but not good at expressing;some practical operating processes don’t  normative,and keep spreading errors;some practical operating methods are old fashioned,not suitable for new requirements,not develop along with 0ages.Therefore ,it is necessary for practical operating trainers to adopt combined recommendation、evaluation to choose,the selected trainers must proficient in profession、have this major III level nondestructive testing qualification,have stronger practical operating techniques and training experience,training methods are easy to understand;simultaneously,for making sure training quality,it should regularly train practical training teachers,guarantee professional knowledge can be updated regularly in advance.

3. Reasonably arrange training course,making sure practical training time meets requirements

4. Increase costs on devices and instruments,make unified normative flaw samples

For making sure practical operating training effects of trainees ,each regional training institution should rely on local regional trainees and scale and according to training contents to equip enough devices 、instruments,so as to make sure practical operating training work can be developed efficiently


Practical training job of Special device nondestructive testing operators is based on training content、environment condition、device instrument、trainers and series of resources have been satisfied then carry out work,only by effective practical operating training,can trainees control basic normative commonly used nondestructive testing technique,lay the foundation of further improving skill level in their professions in the future;simultaneously,enhance their job competition.By improving special equipment nondestructive testing operators practical training levels,make institutions closer to social requirements, and are beneficial to develop and be stronger in the future.At the same time making contributions to safely operate special equipment and protect country and people’s life and properties.


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