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Stell structure welding line flaw detector detecting analysis

First statement ,steel structure weld testing usually use Graino ultrasonic flaw detector testing ,but today we will discuss whether visual method is belong to nondestructive testing.

Domestic steel structure weld regulation GB50661-2011《steel structure weld regulation》 chapter 8 “weld test”stipulates :all welding joint should cool to ambient temperature then do appearance inspection。I think,this regulation doesn’t consider delayed crack time, in the specification of this standard,due to consider it needs to do nondestructive testing,to avoid testing cycle is long,learn from advanced technology and then make this regulation。2. American steel structure weld regulation:all visual inspection on weld joint starts when the weld joint cools to ambient temperature。ASTM A514,A517steel and A709100level and 100W level steel weld joint has to based on visual inspection after 48 hours of finishing weld joint 。

ASTM A514,A517steel and A709100 level  and 100Wlevel steel has lowest tensile strength is Rm≥690MPa

The definition of visual inspection is an nondestructive testing method that uses observation、analysis and evaluation on condition of tested samples 。It just means uses eyes of human or depends on some visual auxiliary appliance to test samples。 Usually ,visual testing mainly used for observing surface state of material、accessory、parts、equipment and welded joint and so on。

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ADD:Building 31, U science park, no.4168 dongshan avenue, linhu town, wuzhong district, suzhou city


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