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FET-5.01 vortex flaw detector
Product model:FET-5.01 vortex flaw detector
Subordinate classification:New arrival
Application area:

FET-5.01 vortex flaw detector

Eddy current testing(ETC)is a technique used for untouched detection on metal parts .under simulation of alternating current ,probe senses vortex in detected part. Any discontinuity or material properties that change vortex will be detected by probe,and be regarded as potential flaw。Over the years,probe technique and data processing has achieved continuous progress,at present,the vortex technique has been universally accepted as a fast、simple、accurate technique。This is exactly eddy current technique widely used in aviation、automobile、petrochemical engineering as well as power generation,detecting aluminum、stainless steel 、copper、titanium、brass、uniloy alloy,even carbon steel and other surface or near surface flaw。

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