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FET-5.6 Vortex flaw detector
Product model:FET-5.6 Vortex flaw detector
Subordinate classification:New arrival
Application area:

Detecting flaws of parts

Conduct heat treatment classification with round coil or probe 

Detecting nonferrous metal bar 、wire and tube by round coil

Using fixed probe to detect rotating iron or nonferrous metal bar and pipeline

Using fixed probe to detect iron or welding zone of nonferrous metal welded pipeline

Using rotating probe to detect stave or smooth

Thread detection as well as other test piece characteristics detection

Pathway detection

Auto parts 

Security detection on key parts in car ,it can accurately detect security of these parts

Cracks detection

By adopting industry probe that suitable for scanning, Ve can detect flaw of auto accessories with every kind of complex shape 

 hardness sorting

For auto parts,make sure its hardness range is vital。By detecting difference of parts conductivity,we can directly distinguish accessories with different hardness。But output function can activate printing system

Power sector cares industry equipment is usable and efficient or not,and regularly using eddy current flaw detection technique can sharply reduce factory downtime  

pipeline detection

Pipeline detection is mainly aimed at inspecting corrosion、abrasion、fatigue and cracks of color metal pipe of scene heat exchanger 

Internal diameter of pipe detection

This kind of detection uses a inner diameter probe on scene to detect。Its detecting result can real time explain and recorded by software。Inner diameter probe has flexibility (JDP series) and rigidity (IDP series) to satisfy applicable needs of U type pipe and straight pipe testing

Metal manufacturing

Eddy current has been widely applied to accessories manufacturing due to its convenient self control。When detecting a flaw,it will trigger a accepting gate or refusing gate,and alarm signal,then it can avoid human supervision in the process of detecting。

Pipeline manufacturing

Due to equipped with stronger filtering system as well as extremely high sample rate,it is competent to be online detecting ideal equipment,it can detect pipeline。For small diameter,we can use 840P/841P coil。For ERW pipeline,because it just needs to detect welding line and heat affected zone,so first to choose saddle probe。

Filter is aim at prevent long-term facula drifting caused by parameter changed such as temperature。The design of whole filtering system is aim to reach best signal to noise ratio,and eliminate interference brought by power source and material rotation。

Raise productivity 

FET-5.6 is a eddy current tester with single sensor input and single channel double frequency,it can connect sensor like types of round 、rotating and probe,suitable for installing on automatic or semi-automatic testing conductor to do crack detection、heat treatment inspection。

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