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portable FET-9HS vortex flaw detector
Product model:FET-9HS
Subordinate classification:New arrival
Application area:

portable FET-9HS vortex flaw detector

Portable FET99ST intelligent digital type eddy current flaw detector is convenient to bring , suitable for online offline and outdoor flaw detection of every kind of metal accessories 、automotive accessories、metal pipe、rods、wire rods。It also applies to automatic flaw detection of other mechanical accessories such as the inner wall of the tube、drill plate、bearing coil、hole of the slap、square billet、round billet。Equipped with relative independent testing channel,so it can drive combined probe formed by absolute and differential coil,the detecting channel collects data simultaneously so as to detect longitudinal crack andtransverse defect of metal bars、rods、wire rods during production。 it has high sensitivity on submerged joint and surface opening cracks。

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